How To Create A Maintenance Schedule For Your Garage

Creating a maintenance schedule is essential to keeping your garage door in good condition. Overhead Door of Akron can help with this task, providing expert advice and customized maintenance solutions. The frequency of maintenance should be determined by the age and condition of your door: newer models may need professional attention every two to three years, while older units require more frequent visits.

At each visit, our technicians will inspect all components for signs of wear or damage, lubricate moving parts, adjust springs and tension cables as needed, check safety features for proper function, and balance the door if necessary. We’ll provide a prompt repair solution if any potential issues are discovered during the inspection process.

Overhead Door of Akron recommends performing a few simple tasks on a monthly basis: 

1. Clean the Parts – Dirt and debris aren’t just unsightly and can lead to damage if left unchecked. So start by thoroughly cleaning all parts of the garage door with soapy water or a mild detergent. Make sure to get into every nook and cranny!

2. Check the Balance – If your garage door is not opening and closing correctly, it could be because of an imbalance in the springs or cables. You can check for this by disconnecting the opener from the door and then manually operating it. If it doesn’t smoothly stay open or close, you may need to adjust or replace system parts.

3. Replace Weather Seals – Over time, weather seals can become worn down, which makes them less efficient at keeping out moisture and debris. Make sure to inspect all weather seals periodically and replace them as needed.

4. Lubricate Moving Parts – Keeping all moving parts well-oiled will help keep things running smoothly and reduce wear and tear. Make sure to apply lubricant on all hinges, rollers, and other moving parts.

5. Test the Safety System – The safety system of your garage door should be tested regularly to ensure it’s working correctly. This includes checking for any obstructions in the path of the sensors as well as testing their sensitivity by placing various objects in front of them when it’s closing.

Creating a consistent maintenance plan is essential for keeping your garage door in optimal condition – contact Overhead Door of Akron at 330-929-3452 today to learn more about our maintenance services!

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