How To Properly Lubricate and Maintain Your Garage Door Tracks

Garage Door Tracks

Maintaining your garage door is essential for ensuring its smooth operation and prolonging its lifespan. One crucial aspect of garage door maintenance is lubrication. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about properly lubricating and maintaining your garage door tracks.

Why Is Lubrication Important?

The tracks are an essential part of your garage door as they guide the rollers and enable the smooth movement of the door. Over time, dirt, grime, and debris can build upon these tracks, causing friction and hindering their ability to function correctly. Lubrication helps reduce this friction and keeps your garage door operating smoothly.

What Type of Lubricant Should You Use?

When it comes to lubricating your garage door tracks, not all products are suitable. It is essential to use a quality silicone-based lubricant or a specialized garage door lubricant. Avoid using WD-40 or oil-based products, as they can attract dirt and cause damage to the tracks.

How Often Should You Lubricate Your Garage Door Tracks?

The frequency of lubrication depends on various factors such as the climate, usage, and condition of your garage door tracks. As a general guideline, it is recommended to lubricate your tracks every three months or at least twice a year.

How to Properly Lubricate Your Garage Door Tracks?

Follow these simple steps to properly lubricate your garage door tracks:

  1. Gather the necessary supplies: quality silicone-based lubricant or specialized garage door lubricant, clean rag, and ladder.
  2. Clean the tracks: Before lubricating, use a clean rag to wipe off any dirt or debris from the tracks.
  3. Apply the lubricant: Spray a small amount of lubricant onto the inside of the track and along the length of the track. Be careful not to use too much, as it can attract dirt and cause buildup.
  4. Wipe off excess: Use a clean rag to wipe off any excess lubricant from the tracks.
  5. Test the door: Open and close your garage door a few times to ensure smooth operation.

Additional Tips for Maintaining Your Garage Door Tracks

  • Regularly clean your garage door tracks to prevent dirt and debris buildup.
  • Inspect the tracks for any signs of damage, such as dents or bends, and address them promptly to avoid larger issues.
  • Check the alignment of your tracks and adjust if necessary. Misaligned tracks can cause strain on the garage door opener and affect its performance.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your garage door tracks stay in good condition and operate smoothly for years to come. However, if you notice any significant issues with your tracks or need professional maintenance, do not hesitate to contact the experts at Overhead Door of Akron, call 330-929-3452.

In conclusion, proper lubrication is crucial for maintaining the smooth operation of your garage door tracks. By using the right lubricant and following the recommended frequency, you can prolong the lifespan of your garage door and avoid any potential problems. Remember to also regularly clean and inspect your tracks for optimal performance. For all your garage door needs in the greater Akron, Canton, and Cleveland areas, trust Overhead Door of Akron – the experts in garage door maintenance and installation. So, make sure to give your garage door tracks the care they deserve for a functional and long-lasting garage door system.

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