Different Types of Security Measures for Your Overhead Door

At Overhead Door of Akron, we understand just how important it is to keep your overhead door system secure. Whether you’re in a residential or commercial setting, our team can help you identify the best security measures to take when protecting your property and people.

So, what are some of the additional security measures you can add to your overhead door system? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Installing Security Cameras and Alarm Systems

Installing security cameras and alarm systems is an excellent way to increase the safety of your property. Cameras can provide constant surveillance on your premises, allowing you to spot suspicious activity and take action quickly. Alarm systems provide an extra layer of protection by sounding an alert whenever a door or window is opened, giving peace of mind that you will know when someone has entered your premises.

Key Control Systems

For ultimate security, adding a key control system to your overhead door system is the way to go. Installing a key control system ensures that only authorized personnel can access your premises. Critical control systems allow you to limit who has access to certain areas of your facility, as well as monitor who is entering and leaving the premises.

In addition to limiting access, key control systems can also help you keep track of who has access at any given time. This can be especially useful in large facilities with multiple entrances since it allows you to ensure that only authorized personnel are entering the premises. For example, if you have a large commercial building with multiple entries, you can set up a key control system to track who enters and leaves the building.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular due to their enhanced security and convenience. Smart locks offer a combination of digital access control and physical essential control, allowing you to customize who has access to your space at any given time. This makes them an ideal solution for overhead door systems, as they will enable you to easily manage multiple users and secure your property from unauthorized access.

Smart locks come in various styles, ranging from traditional keypads to modern fingerprint scanners or facial recognition systems. Smart locks can be equipped with additional features such as auto-lock, alarm notifications, and remote access capabilities, depending on the type of lock you choose.

Deadbolt Locks for Optimal Protection

For even greater security, consider installing deadbolt locks on your overhead doors. These are designed to provide an extra layer of protection, helping to ensure that your property is secure even when you’re away. Deadbolt locks are also straightforward to install and use, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for optimal security in their home or business.

Motion-Sensing Lights

Motion-sensing lights can also be beneficial when it comes to enhancing your overhead door system. Installing these lights near the doors can help to alert you when someone is nearby, and they can also provide a deterrent for potential burglars. By installing motion-sensing lights around your property, you can be sure that you’ll always be aware of when someone is approaching your home or business.

Electronic Keypad Access

Electronic keypad access is one of the most popular and efficient security measures you can add to your overhead door system. It provides a secure way for authorized users to open and close the doors while keeping out intruders. Installing an electronic keypad is relatively straightforward – all you need is a power source and an access control panel. The electronic keypad will provide you with additional capabilities, such as controlling the time period during which the door can be opened and setting up multiple user accounts for different people.


Intercoms are also an excellent security measure for your overhead door system. These systems allow you to communicate with people outside the premises, such as visitors or service personnel, without having to open the door. Intercoms can be either wired or wireless and come in a variety of sizes and styles. They are often used in combination with video surveillance systems to increase security further. Additionally, many intercoms have additional features, such as remote unlock and access control, to prevent unauthorized entry. With an intercom system, you can be sure that your home or business is kept secure at all times.

Remote Monitoring Systems

Remote monitoring systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to monitor your door system from anywhere in the world. With a remote monitoring system, you can receive alerts when doors are opened or closed and keep track of who is accessing different areas of your property.

Automatic Door Closers

Automatic door closers are a simple and effective way to increase the security of your overhead door system. These devices automatically close the door after it has been opened, ensuring that no one can enter or leave without authorization. They also act as an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access or tampering with the door system.

Automated Gates

Automated gates are another effective way of securing an overhead door system. These gates can be programmed to open automatically as needed, or they can be operated remotely from a remote location. You can also program them to detect motion and respond accordingly, helping to keep out unwanted visitors.

Physical Security Measures

Physical security measures include locks, bars, and grilles. Locks provide an effective way to keep doors shut and ensure only those with the key can access the premises. Bars are a great way to reinforce windows, providing an extra layer of protection from intruders. Grilles offer an effective method of restricting access to certain areas within your property.

No matter what type of security measures you choose, it’s important to make sure they are properly installed and maintained. At Overhead Door of Akron, we have a team of professionals who can help you enhance your overhead door system with the best possible security solutions. Reach out to us today at 330-929-3452 for more information.

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