Automated Technology Is Changing Residential Overhead Doors

As technology continues to develop rapidly, we’re seeing more and more homeowners embracing new and innovative ways to automate their homes. One area undergoing significant change is residential overhead doors, which are increasingly fitted with the latest automated technology. From smart sensors that detect when you’re coming and going to Wi-Fi-enabled motors that allow for […]

What To Know Before Getting A New Garage Door

When selecting a new commercial garage door, you must ensure that your product is high quality and meets the necessary safety requirements. Additionally, there are several other factors to consider when making your decision: Considering these four factors, you can ensure that you select the right commercial garage door for your business needs. Doing so […]

Benefits Of An Insulated Steel Door

Natural Light Garage

When looking for a reliable and sturdy overhead door, there are many reasons to consider an insulated sectional steel door from Overhead Door Company of Akron. Here are some of the key benefits that these doors can offer: 1. Energy Efficiency One of the main advantages of insulated doors is that they can help to […]